Branding and website update for Albion, an established UK-based clothing retailer.


Logo re-design

The Albion logo was updated and modernized, but retains a classic feel via the usage of 1920s British typeface Gill Sans and the incorporation of neo-vintage stamp variants.

Web design

Responsive design

To help modernise Albion's web presence, the site was designed with cross-device compatability in mind.

Desktop site

A content-led approach was taken, with major focus being placed on high quality photography of Albion's products.

Albion, an established wholesale clothing manufacturer and retailer, was looking to modernise their brand aesthetic and online presence, which is often the first port-of-call for new clients. I created a new logo in addition to visual guides for brand and web, reflecting the high quality nature of their products.

Studio : Fika Apps
Date : 2017
Client : Albion
Role : Designer
Deliverables : Identity, web design
(+44) 7947 366 479

Currently available for freelance projects and full time employment.

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© Benjamin J. Walton, 2017.

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© Benjamin J. Walton, 2017.