My work is system based, user-centric and content focused. I approach projects via the principles of simplicity, clarity and usibility.

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(+44) 7947 366 479

Recently I've been working on solutions for screen, creating applications and websites as graphic designer for Fika Apps. The studio unfortunately closed it's doors in 2017, rendering me homeless (figuratively).

I'm seeking a new studio to call home but currently still available for freelance work. For enquiries of either nature, you can find my contact details in the header and footer.

Additional Information

Fields of work

My role at Fika Apps encompassed working on user interface, user experience, branding, social media marketing, wireframing, website and application design, front end development (coding) and occassional work for print. I hand coded this very website from scratch too.

In the past I've designed vinyl sleeve artwork, CD covers, posters, shop signage, logos, designed (and developed) websites etc. I'm always interested in taking on new and interesting projects, if you have a proposal, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Quantity over quality

It is my firm opinion (and a statistical fact) that quality vastly outweighs quantity in digital design; 88% of users never return to sites after a bad experience, first impressions are 94% design related and the percieved credability of a website is based 75% on its aesthetics.

I keep as up to date as possible with design progression, which helps your brand or business stay future proof and relevant in an ever evoling digital world.


Aside from being a well natured, honest individual who produces consistent, quality work, I am also a top citizen and all round good egg. I don't litter.

Outside of design, I'm interested in many things, including, but not limited to: cycling, rock climbing, producing electronic music (badly), philosophy, researching history, political theory and travelling the world as much as employment permits. I don't really do social media, but I do have a tumblr blog full of cool graphic design, if that interests you.

Here's a photograph of me on a mountain.

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Please find my contact details in the footer.

(+44) 7947 366 479

Currently available for freelance projects and full time employment.

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© Benjamin J. Walton, 2017.

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© Benjamin J. Walton, 2017.